LABÒ 2023 Exhibitors (alphabetic order) :


Alexandre Labruyère is a designer of contemporary furniture and decorative objects.


From fashion to Interior design, the founders Alexis Martial and Adrien Caillaudaud believe into curating a global creative univere with new sustainable mindset.


In 2014, Jean-François Declercq sold his outstanding vintage design collection to an important Parisian auction house. Collector, passionate about design, patron of art, curator and donator, he diversifies his activities around creativity with a particular focus on Belgian artists.


Baptiste Meyniel is a designer who lives and works in Paris. In 2017, he graduated from ENSCI - Les Ateliers in industrial creation with congratulations from the jury for his project “In movement, in flow, in variation”.


Biobject is a furniture and accessories manufacturer with over 50 years of experience. They design, manufacture and distribute contemporary furniture for high-end distribution networks.


Bosc is an artisan of manufacturing. It considers this as a whole and has in his team the know-how necessary to master all the stages.


Object, furniture and space design studio founded in 2020.


Caroline Besse explores the sensitive vibration of colors, perceiving the intensity of a rare medium : crushed minerals.


Paris-based gallery ColAAb is exclusively inviting established artists from the contemporary art world to create unique collectible pieces of functional art: seats, shelves, lighting fixtures, mirrors, curtains, tables …


Designer & visual artist, fiber & textile, sculpture.


Composed by the duo Michaela and Jakub, designers and storytellers in Bohemian glass.


A family-owned company, to reconnect design and people through friendships, great drawings and local production.


Dollop is a rethinking of the traditional coloured cement tile. It is a collaboration between artist Guan Lee of Grymsdyke Farm (Buckinghamshire, UK), architect Stuart Piercy of Piercy & Company (London, UK), and designer Karim Chaya of BlattChaya (Beirut, Lebanon).


Italian Sculptor, Photographer, Illustrator, Traveler and beauty lover.


Florence Bourel is a designer since 1998. She lives and works in Paris. She graduated in product design and interior architecture in France and Italy (ESAG, LISAA and Istituto Europeo di Design).


Designer of contemporary furniture, Gabriel Charbit studied in Paris at Ecole Boulle and ENSCI (French national institute for advanced studies in industrial design), following a degree in engineering.


His universe embraces precious hand objects, furniture, and contemporary sculpture. The workshop was created in 1985 in Montreuil-Sous-Bois.Member of the Living Heritage Society since 2010.Named Maître d’Art (Master of Arts) by the French Ministry of Culture in 2015.


Jean-Baptiste Sénéquier is an industrial designer. Independent since 2012, he practices pragmatic and exploratory design which seeks to reweave, question and reshape the links between craftsmanship, industry and production intelligence.


Glass artist and winner of the Atelier d'Art de France 2021 competition, Jonathan Ausseresse designs unique glass for interior decoration and creates exceptional art objects and furniture.


Founded in Paris in 2022, by Roman Akira designer of Japanese origin,
Kira is a high-end French-Japanese lighting brand.


Born in 1996, lives and works in Paris, Helioengraver and imprimeur, Marie Levoyet collaborates on a daily basis with photographers and artists on the contemporary scene.

Marion Vidal

Marion Vidal follows an unconventional approach to the jewel. The underlying theme of their designs is always to establish a dialogue between colours and materials that takes the shape of geometrical building sets.


At Matière Grise, the main aim is to share their passion for metal so clients can appreciate its beauty and endless possibilities. They treat metal like a precious material, giving it our full attention and nurturing it in their hands until it becomes a desirable and durable piece of furniture.


In the artistic realm Matteo studies the processes of oxidation by exploring Time’s Ways. Reaction and transformation of surfaces, colours that change over a temporal pathway challenging the speed of time almost as if to underline how rapidly our world is changing.


A brand name that resonates as a sacred chanting, oOumm celebrates the emotional feature of design, evoking soulful memories at a candle light. Born from the vision of entrepreneur and contemporary art collector Maria Bosoni, this Paris-based brand is unparalleled in the industry.


In 2018 Paradisoterrestre opened the doors of its new home in Bologna at Via De’ Musei 4. A hybrid space between a gallery and a showroom, between art and design.

Pascale Lion

Pascale Lion is an interior architect and designer based in Paris. Since the first basic necklaces in 2009, loyal wearers have been attracted by the minimalist design and the timeless beauty of the material, as well as by the long-lasting and comfortable nature of these pieces made in France.

Reda Amalou

Reda Amalou is a french architect and designer. But mostly a creator of experiences. More than 20 years ago, he created AW2 an architecture agency with the desire to take over the space and make it an emotional place.

Samuel Accoceberry Studio

Born in Bordeaux, lives and works in Paris and Biarritz. Graduated from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art in Nancy and the Raymond Loewy School in product design.
Samuel worked for 10 years for prestigious design agencies in France and Italy, such as Arik Levy, Antonio Citterio, and Rodolfo Dordoni.


SOLLEN is first and foremost a human-sized team that is active and mobilized in order to share its common passion for design to create elegant and quality seating with other design lovers.

Southway Studio

Southway Studio was founded in 2018 by Emmanuelle Luciani, an art historian, artist, and curator since 2010. The studio is an ecosystem of exhibition production, artworks, and residency.

Steven Leprize x Arca Studio

As a workshop that designs, experiments and innovates with wood, ARCA is perhaps best known for one of its amazing inventions, the Airwood inflatable wood solution!

Studio Etienne Bastormagi

Etienne Bastormagi maintains a strong dialogue between architecture, interior spaces and design, as a conceptual engine of transition to carry out his projects. 

Silvia Finiels

Designer and creator of lamps, Silvia Finiels was born in Paris, lives and works between Venice and Murano.


Tangere travels through different cities  from Paris to Istanbul connecting cultures and reviving the heritage of Orient Express. Tangere offers a luxurious living experience through merging exquisite design with natural silk fabrics and artisanal production.

Trame x CPG

TRAME is a dynamic and pioneering studio and gallery at the intersection of art, design, technology, and craft.


Since its establishment in Paris in 1931,Veronese is known for its luxury Murano glass lighting fixtures and mirrors.

2023 LABO' LAYOUT (credit : Labo_ph Elena Rossignoli, Malitta_ph Claudio Rimaroli)