Wednesday 17th  

11AM and 4PM- Townhall building  

Neverscene : Redefine Interior Design Creativity with AI

Based in Paris and Brussels, Neverscene has been co-founded by tech entrepreneurs Benjamin Chiche and Victor Mustin Neverscene AI can guide you to new concepts and help you create something special in a playful yet powerful way.

12AM - Townhall building  

Aeditto : “Giving People the power to create, or how two years almost killed us.”

1PM - Townhall building  

The Wild Chairs by Brichet&Ziegle, A wild creative commitment

Project on the Brichet&Ziegler’s fascination for the chair and their commitment to a research practice.

Exploring the diversity of expressions, each of the 10 chair prototypes offers a sculptural design resulting from a singular shaping of the material.

This wild and free formation relates our approach to design where the making is a source of inspiration.

2PM - Townhall building  

JAD with Carole Calvez Tony Jouanneau Anne Agbadou Masson Luce Couillet

Since its opening in September 2022, the JAD has been a pioneering center for the hybridization of know-how, promoting dialogue between arts & crafts and design. Initiated by the Hauts-de-Seine department and run by a group of experts (Groupe SOS Culture, Make Ici and French Savoir-Faire Institute), the JAD hosts 15 craftspeople and designers and is designed as a melting pot for learning and “mutual fertilisation” through the sharing of knowledge, practices and experimentation.

Among them, Carole Calvez (Olfactory designer and nose), Tony Jouanneau (Designer and textile finisher), Anne Agbadou-Masson (Sculptor-ceramist) and Luce Couillet (Textile craftwomen and plastician) have been working on several collaborative projects of research, experimentation and hybridization. For this talk at Labo, the four creators will present their work in progress ; to give a glimpse of their singularity, we can point out Halo, a sensory device that reproduces scent through the experience of color perception, created by Carole Calvez and Marta Bakowski in 2024 and presented for the first time during the Milan Design Week. 

3PM - Townhall building  

Biobject : How to revitalize a more than 50-year-old high-end furniture brand?

How to manage communication for a manufacturer that has mainly operated as a white-label brand

Through its complex history and diverse inspirations, Biobject presented various images to its customers. Its new CEO, Romain Rougier, wanted to fully embrace a real brand strategy of edition, combining design and craftsmanship. The meeting with Grégoire Dellaforest was decisive in this regard.

5PM - Townhall building  

A life dedicated to Design : Bruno Gecchelin

On the occasion of the reissue of the iconic 1975 Mezzaluna floor lamp by our partner DCWéditions, come meet its designer Bruno Gecchelin around 12 exceptional pieces on display. A legendary industrial designer since the 1970s, Bruno Gecchelin will share his vision of Italian design, the history of Mezzaluna, as well as his professional journey, rich in creations elevated to the status of cult objects today. We will inquire about his sources of inspiration and his life journey, to inspire us as much as to make us dream.